Gaynor Murphy


Having worked in the education sector for over 20 years in roles ranging from front line to strategic management, Gaynor has extensive skills, experience and knowledge in self-care and mental wellbeing.


As a qualified HR Business Partner, she understands the needs of the business and is able to improve outcomes by concentrating on the individual. Using her experiences in positive psychology and with a key understanding of modern-day neuroscience, she can explain complex ideas in a simple, creative, meaningful way that creates real impact for the individual and the business.


She believes that all behaviour is simply a form of communication; it is our job to find out what that communication is and offer tools and techniques to create more happiness and improve mental wellbeing and ultimately the business outcomes.


Gaynor is also the creator of “Habit to Happiness Kids” a programme designed to:

  • Support the reduction of mental health issues in our young people and the generations to come.
  • Provide a quality, evidence based programme that teaches authentic happiness.
  • Empower young people to understand who they are so that they can create purposeful opportunities towards successful adulthood and economic wellbeing.
  • Challenge the current curriculum so the study of the brain and mental health awareness is in every school.
  • Provide support to teachers, parents and all education professionals so that they feel confident in dealing with mental health issues.
  • Create positive links between local businesses and schools to promote a more cohesive community.

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