“Happiness at work has been proven to lead to higher productivity, engagement and greater creativity.”


Happiness at work results in a happier, more cohesive, sustainable and powerful workforce, who deliver with conviction and impact. Unhappiness at work can be expensive. It is estimated that disengaged employees are costing the UK economy £340 billion every year in lost days due to stress and unhappiness on the job.


Since Covid-19, both life satisfaction and the feeling that things in life are worthwhile have declined significantly. We provide a unique educational programme and assessment process that helps organisations to deal with the emotional and mental wellbeing of their employees all while improving their emotional agility.



There is no denying that the Wellbeing agenda has come a long way over the years, but we think that more needs to be done. Many of the solutions being offered in organisations are based on a ‘paracetamol’ approach. We focus on prevention. Using our ‘vitamin’ approach we help you to drive positive change throughout your organisation; ultimately saving you both time and money in the long term. Our educational programmes help you to use brain science to benefit your business. Our approach creates a more purposeful, happier and more profitable environment for all involved.


As humans we are habitual by nature so it is natural for us to create and live by habits that we build up over time. These habits are a direct result of our experiences and environment. The good news is, that through Neuroscience research we have discovered that our brains can be physically changed. Like plasticine, with the right education, tools and support, we can mould our brains by changing our thinking and perceptions. Ultimately, this means that we can take control of and begin to change our behaviours, making happiness our new habit. All it takes is the awakening of our awareness, better knowledge of ourselves and a new understanding of our brains.


“Employees are 12% more productive when they are happy at work.”

source: Gallup and Oswald

At Happy Days for Everyone we concentrate on the individual. Building emotional resilience and resourcefulness by introducing science backed coping and self-management strategies so that your employees can deal with work and life all while restoring balance. Our team of experts start by tapping into your employee’s intrinsic motivators and work with them on their own mental, emotional and physical habits, taking them on a journey of self-discovery. Focusing them on their cues for their behaviours and bringing lasting change. If you are interested in finding out how our Happy Work assessments and programmes can give your organisation all of these benefits and more, please contact us using the form below.



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