“Happiness is different for everyone. For us, it’s about being able to master the ups and downs of life with a sustained feeling of wellbeing.”


It all started in 2018 when our founders, Brandon Block, Michelle Allan and Gaynor Murphy met and discussed their everyday problems. All in their 40 somethings the one thing they all related to was the feeling of wanting to be happier. Bringing together decades of experience in the entertainment, wellbeing and education industries Happy Days for Everyone was born.

Their desire was not simply to share knowledge, they wanted to create solutions that really worked. They recognised that systemic changes were necessary and so they set on a path to campaign for change. In 2020 with the use of their partnerships and links to experts across the wellbeing sector, the Happy Days for Everyone Charity was realised.


Our products are bespoke and designed to provide engaging and practical education based solutions that enable change and growth from within.

We translate complexity into easy to use, engaging and meaningful tools and skills that will enable you to grow resilience and practice emotional agility. Meaning that you will be able to respond to change with an improved optimism and a positive mind-set.

Our approach is dynamic and live, offering Human Behaviour Psychology in an accessible and relatable way. Making sure that your brain health is as important as your physical health.

Our team of experts create and deliver sustainable solutions, offering people the skills and ability to change by teaching them how to grow their own happiness from within. We have been taught how to look after our bodies, through exercise and nutrition, but we are not taught enough on how to look after our minds. We make brain health as important as physical health.

There is a unhappiness epidemic and our world is suffering because of it

No matter what your age or background everyone has the right to happiness. Yet, we are struggling under an epidemic of unhappiness which is costing the UK economy billions a year in lost days at work. In the UK alone, people are making 27 searches a minute for depression, 22 a minute for stress and 21 a minute for anxiety (Google statistics, Priory Group) And our young people are found to be the unhappiest in Europe (The Good Childhood report, Children’s society 2020.)

Happiness isn’t just ignoring negative emotions or pretending to feel joyful all the time. It is about being able to make the most of the good times whilst being able to cope effectively with the inevitable bad times. Research consistently shows that happiness doesn’t just feel good it leads to a wide range of benefits throughout our lives; performance, health, relationships, cognitive ability and much more.

At Happy Days for Everyone we firmly place happiness and emotional intelligence at the heart of everything we do. We use Brain Science and Positive Psychology research to design and deliver bespoke educational programmes and products that empower people to successfully grow their own happiness from within. As humans we are habitual by nature and so it is normal for us over time to create some negative habits and behaviours.

We are the people change experts. We educate people to provide paradigm shifts, a new perspective. In simple terms, we help people to recognise their brain for what it is; the most powerful technology you will come across in your lifetime. Feeling powerless makes people feel unhappy. But with a little guidance from us, we can place you firmly back into the driving seat. Giving you a reinvigorated purpose and the tools you need to gain back full control of your journey.