At Happy Days for Everyone we use brain science to empower and teach people to grow happiness from within. 


Start to think of your brain as the most powerful technology you will come across in your lifetime. 


The best news is, that with a little guidance from us, you can have full control of it!


No matter what your age or background, we all have the right to happiness.



We are a not-for-profit organisation who firmly place happiness and emotional intelligence at the heart of everything we do.  We use scientifically proven behavioural and neuroscience techniques to help you understand how your mind works and enable growth.

Happy Days for Everyone is for anyone who wants to enjoy a better quality of life, or is fed up of dealing with the same recurring issues.  Are you ready to say goodbye to draining emotions and become happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis? We can’t change the twists and turns of life, but you can learn to navigate through them with a smile.




Our approach is dynamic and live, we offer Human Behaviour Psychology in an accessible, relatable and meaningful way. Making sure that your brain health is as important as your physical health.

The tools and skills we teach enable you to grow resilience and emotional agility, meaning that you are able to approach everyday tasks with improved optimism and a positive mind-set.

Our projects are designed to respond to local need. We are not for profit, ensuring we commit to our overall vision for systemic change through our Happy Kids’ programmes.

We have partnerships with over 100 experts from across the wellbeing sector so we are fully equipped to respond effectively and with impact.


Come and join us on one of our live or online events where our team of experts* will show you how your mind works, teach you effective skills to overcome what’s holding you back, share daily practices to support you enjoying real happiness in all areas of your life and guide you through our life changing goal mapping process.


Our ‘talks with intention’ which bring ideas, inspiration and a smile to festivals and public events for adults and families. Bringing awareness and offering insights, inspiration and tools to enjoy your life even more.


Unhappiness at work is expensive, costing the economy over £340 billion is in lost days due to stress and unhappiness on the job. We are have the solutions for you to make sustainable changes.



Our fun and engaging early intervention module based programme. Designed to positively impact on the mental health and wellbeing in our youth. It is aimed at 10 to 18 year olds.



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Happy Days for Everyone – Creating Opportunities for Happier Living…

Building a community of liked minded people to support and encourage has been so important to us. Not joined us yet? Please come and join our Happy Days for Everyone community and together we can share happier days.

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