The Why

At Happy Days, we believe that everyone has the power to make changes. We know how easy it is to focus on what is happening around us and we can sometimes forget that real change comes from within. We are sure you have all heard this before, but did you know that this is now scientifically proven? Through the modern world of neuroscience, we have discovered that we have the ability to create new pathways in our brains. By simply changing our thoughts we can create a direct link to our attitudes, our perspective and our beliefs. Ultimately, this means we have the ability to influence our behaviours.

Start to think of your brain as the most powerful technology you will come across in your lifetime and the best news is, that with a little guidance you can have full control of it!

The What 

Now you know why self development is essential, do you know how to find the right techniques to start you on your journey? The internet can be positive in helping you find new tools and techniques but it can also feel overwhelming knowing what to choose that would suit you and this can often also be costly.

Happy days has been created by a unique team, with a wealth of experience within human development. We are able to offer you tried and tested practical solutions for everyday emotional problems that can deliver lasting change and permanent results in all areas of your life. We have created a platform of opportunities for you access Happy Days to suit your individual needs. Whether it be through events, retreats and festivals or from the comfort of your own home via our online platform – our Happy Hub. We have it covered. We aim to change the world of personal development by making it more accessible and affordable and bringing happier days for everyone.

Happy Days is for anyone who wants to enjoy a better quality of life, or is fed up of dealing with the same recurring issues and who is now ready to say goodbye to draining emotions and become happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis. We can’t change the twists and turns of life, but you can learn to navigate through them with a smile.

The Who 

Happy Days is a collaboration of Super Star DJ and leading Thought Coach, Brandon Block; NLP Trainer and human Swiss Army Knife, Michelle Allen; Family Coach and Social Media/Marketing Guru, Gaynor Murphy and the Creator of Goal Mapping, Brian Mayne.

The Happy Days team bring together decades of experience in Self Development across a range of sectors. We have combined all of our skills and experiences with the aim to show people how their minds work. To teach them effective tools that can harness their potential, achieve their personal goals and enjoy true happiness in all areas of their lives; well-being, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, relationships and health. It’s a fully holistic approach to self-care.

Our Services

Online Coach

Our online hub of resources and coaches offering you affordable, accessible self-development for all areas of your life, from the comfort of your own home.

Tent Talks

Our ‘talks with intention’ which bring ideas, inspiration and a smile to festivals and public events for adults and families

Happy Days Events

Immersive experiences which give you a new understanding of how your mind words, practical tools to enhance and improve your life, a plan for achieving your goals and smile on your face.

Appy Days

Our Digital offering to help you reach your goals on a more personal level



Happy Day For Everyone

With Brandon Block, Brian Mayne, Neil Shah 

and special guests 

Central London
8th February ‘20 

This event is for anyone who wants to enjoy a better quality of life. If you are fed up with dealing with the same recurring issues, ready to say goodbye to draining emotions, overcome stress and anxiety, stop negative self-talk and break bad habits and become happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis then this is for you.

This event isn’t ‘chalk and talk’ it’s an interactive experience – where you will walk away with practical tools, a plan to achieve your goals and smile on your face.

Our team of experts will show you how your mind works, teach you effective skills to overcome what’s holding you back, share daily practices to support you enjoying real happiness in all areas of your life and guide you through our life changing goal mapping process. 

We can’t change the twists and turns of life, but we can equip you to navigate through them with a smile. By putting you back into the driving seat. You needn’t be a passenger in your own life anymore, join us at Happy Days and take back control.

The price of our event includes 6 months free access to the (worth £59.94) The Happy Hub is our online self-development platform that will give you tools, tips and advice to help you enjoy your life even more. Each month we give you interactive videos, podcasts and practical step by steps guides to support all areas of your life – mental, emotional, physical, financial, social and purpose. It’s like having a life coach in the comfort of your own home. 

Places on our event are strictly limited, so book your place today to avoid disappointment.


Happy Days – Creating Opportunities for Happier Living…

Building a community of liked minded people to support and encourage has been so important to us. Not joined us yet? Please come and join our Happy Days community and together we can share happier days.

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